You can call me cheap, absolutely.

One of my favourite Christmas memories as a kid was being with my mom. I think she was the best Christmas cake maker in the world. She liked Christmas Carols and she was a good singer. I can still hear her voice, I suspect she is the reason I like Christmas music. Once again I miss her all over again.

This year because of Facebook it is even worse as everyone is chatting about St Kitts. Bar Humbug.

Here in Calgary, Christmas week and the Carter family are ready for the big day. Actually I have been ready for months. I am not big on the gift giving thing mostly because it can get very expensive. Sounds cheap?

 Jo on the other hand thinks that Christmas is the time to go spend money. We have guidelines for gift giving, only our children and our grandchildren and Jo’s mom. That’s it. Oh and Jo’s friends at work, they exchange a little gift. We always make a list so she won’t forget and cross off the names as we buy the gifts. Something you should know, that was the royal ‘we’. I never see the list. I don’t want to, remember I am cheap.

This year I got curious so I sneaked a peak at the list. I saw her sisters and her sister’s kids, and some cousins and my sisters’ kids and some of the sibling’s children now have children. Enough to give me a headache.

Last week I asked about the list, it is waaaay over the agreed budget; I won’t tell you who else is on the list because my family reads this. I don’t need enemies, everyone likes Jo and so it would be my fault.

After looking at the list I started asking myself, should I be naughty or nice. Should I have a fight with Jo? Maybe I should just ruin Christmas once and for all and save us a whole lot of money. Evil Eh!

Yes like Ebenezer Scrooge.

Last Thursday, Jo called me from work. I already cut her off from calling about Christmas so she starts like this:

Jo: ‘do you have the doctor’s phone number, I need to book an appointment, and my blood pressure is too high’.

Get it? Her blood pressure is high. I am a caring husband; my first instinct was ‘damn should I call 911!’

Me. ‘What would you like me to do?’

Jo. ‘I just thought of something, now I have you on the phone, earlier I saw a flyer with discounted movie tickets, I think I will get some as Christmas gifts’.

Me. ‘The blood pressure, what do you want me to do?’

Jo. “I think I will get 10 that would make great gifts for the in-laws’

Me. ‘Whose’?


Me. ‘Jo’?

Jo. ‘What do you think?’

Me. “do you really care what I think?’

Jo. ‘Not really, I just want you to agree’

Me. ‘How about your blood pressure’?

Jo. ‘I will go by the drug store on my way to get the tickets and get my pressure tested’.

We have a machine at home just so you know.

Me. ‘Good Idea’.

Jo. ‘Thanks hon. I am glad we are in agreement about the tickets’

I thought the drug store visit was a good idea.

Me. ‘Who are those tickets for?’

She had already hung up. My bet is that she has a new list, else she would not call. In case you are wondering my name was not on the first list.

A couple hours later I called the credit card company for recent transactions. I bet she is really having a good time. Now it’s my blood pressure that is the problem.

I must tell you, Ebenezer Scrooge sounds like a good person.

Last year Jo organized a party for some of her friends from work. In Toronto we have lots of family. When it was our turn to have the Christmas party Jo would cook for two families.  Sometimes I wonder if she knows the size of my family. Everyone would go home with all the extras. That’s what she is like. Give, give and give.

Everyone says I am lucky to have her, of course they don’t see her stressing.

Anyway last year she invited about 15 people to the house. I am not sure exactly what happened but only half of them showed up, quite a few of the invitees came down with a cold. Jo prepared food for 30 people, she just can’t help herself, she likes to make sure that everyone leaves happy.

I have to be honest, I was not too happy, I don’t like left overs for more than one day. I was thinking of who I can give the food to. Later that night my sons’ friends who are really big boys showed up. My son must have called them, for they came over in two cars and cleaned us out. They also drank my week supply of beer which was not part of the deal.  

Jo likes it when there is no food left. I like my beer.

She said she would not have a Christmas party again; she could not handle the disappointment. Too bad, having people in the house at Christmas is a lot of fun, except for the money part.

We would like to go to Toronto for Christmas, unfortunately my family in Calgary has grown to the point where it is almost impossible to travel there. So we stay together and have our little party.

Yes we are set for Christmas. I wish my mom was here though. (click to read about my mom)

The only Kittitian couch potato in Calgary.

6 thoughts on “You can call me cheap, absolutely.

  1. “I won’t tell you who else is on the list because my family reads this. I don’t need enemies, everyone likes Jo and so it would be my fault.

    This part made me laugh so loud in the office, people think I’m crazy!!! Just know the entire Calgary family will be missed this year. If I had a blog to talk about my Christmas past you would be apart of that memory just like Grandma is apart of yours. Miss you and luv you. xoxoK

  2. You didn’t mention the part about having to put on the Santa suit to hand out the gifts. Like the saying goes “it’s better to give than to receive.” I hope that you and your family have a great Xmas.

    • You must a good friend of Jo. In the spirit of the season and in honour of Mr Scrooge, I’ll buy a mistletoe go to the mall; stand by the entrance and give.

  3. The cakes that you so much loved to eat; As it was in those days,we had to take the cake to the baker to be baked.Did you ever have to do that? That way the cake was more appreciated.Having to bear the freash butter and the sugar which never seem to want to be blended and then on top of all that, to have to carry the darn thing on top of your head to the baker. THAT CAKE TASTED ESPECIALLY GOOD!!! yum yum
    Enjoy your season.

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