Who is in charge anyway

This summer we have only had one three day period with continuously good weather here in Calgary. Last week started out with a lot of promise weather wise, great time to get work done around the house. It started out great, we began work on the balcony and then all hell broke loose; rain, strong wind, hail, cold, typical Calgary.

So now the week is finished and we were unable to complete the stuff we had planned, unfortunately the work was started and has to be completed, otherwise we could put it off until next summer.

When Jo and I work together we are not very good at following the script; which can complicate things. We started out the week with plans to strip the balcony of the old paint and repaint it.  Simple, right? 

As is generally the case when we work, we start to ‘talk’ which is never a good thing; we fight a little, expand the project a little, disagree a lot, make changes, then have to compromise, meaning I agree with her. In between we nap a lot. When we get up we have to remind ourselves where we were. A lot of ‘I said then you said’, quite often we have to start over.

Agreeing on the paint color for example took two days and this was after we had purchased the paint.

When we were planning the move to Calgary from Toronto five years ago, Jo came out here for 3 days and looked at a bunch of houses with a real estate agent. I stayed home with the kids. Good excuse eh.   Once we had agreed on 3 houses (thank god for the internet), I flew out so we can make a decision. We could not decide which to purchase, the one I liked or the one Jo favoured, so we ask the agent for his opinion. He recommended the house we purchased mainly because of the green space; a life style thing; That was the agent reason; this house was also his listing. I won’t tell you if it was my choice house.

The house is fine although it has one feature that I just did not like; stones on the front of the house mounted vertically. Over the years I have gotten use to looking at them or maybe I just don’t see them anymore.

Ok, 5 years later during the paint stripping task on the balcony, we started ‘talking’ and the damn stones came up.

Jo’s idea.

She wants to place the same type of stones at the base of the balcony, to ‘round things out’.

We argued, why more of he stones I dislike!

My sons agreed with me; although I think they were thinking that they would have to help if I lost.

Of course the boys left, they saw the writing on the wall.

Men joke that women are always right. It is not a joke, they are.

 So off we went to the building store in the rain, we purchased the stones;  there is a 21days delivery wait  so we have time to prepare the area; framing, vapour barrier, wire mesh, concrete, then the stones. Yikes.

Can I swear now? If I was back in Trafalgar Village in St. Kitts I would not ask for permission.

Hmmm OK.

We finally finished the first coat of paint on Sunday afternoon, one week after the expected date, now we have to wait 24 hours for the second coat.

Did I mention that vacation time is fast approaching?  We have expanded the initial 2 day project to god knows how long and we still have to think about vacation. Calgary summer is so short.

If we could only learn to keep our mouths shut.

Jo has gone back to work. I have to focus on the second coat of paint. Its raining again and it is cold, so guess what I am doing.


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