When there is plenty you must still decide.

Good Morning peeps. Jo is away, this morning i made my shake and went in the backyard to enjoy the beautiful weather. The plants are looking great and the hedge is coming along nicely. Birds are my favourite next to female humans to look at.

In my neighbour’s yard there is a shed with some lattice work on the back of it, which attracts a lot of birds. Its like a lovers lane for birds. Great place to observe their behaviour.

As im looking there is this lil guy, he has his eyes on this one chicky bird. He is dancing, fluffing his feathers doing his thing. It appears that she is not interested in him, everytime he gets too close she hops away. The dude is not giving up.

Just a few feet away from him there is another female who seem to have the hots for him. I believe she thought he was coming on to her with his bird dance and she was definitely interested. I think she is doing everything to get his attention but he is totally ingoring her.

Well female bird number one flies off. Poor guy. That is when he tried to acknowledge female number 2. It was around the same time female number 2 sees male number 2 just above her. He was silently observing the goins on. All he had to do was one bird wing shimmy, she was sold, she was so worked up she went off with him. Trallop was my first thought.

Sounds like a human story, have been there many times.

Not being a bird whisperer i can only surmise male bird number one was inexperienced, male bird number two simply allowed him to do all the foreplay knowing ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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