There was a time…

Good Morning peeps. There was a time when everything you heard or read was true, no matter the source.

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My dad told me he swam from Anguilla to St Kitts. He told me how he met my mom, she was cooking dumplings and the got so big they fell out the pot, he happen to be going by saw what happened and retrieved them for her. All true.

My brother once caught a Jumby put it in a bottle, place it in a crocus bag with a big stone and toss it in the bay. All true stories.

I remember the one and this must be true for true read it in the newspaper that man walked on the moom.

Well today you cant believe a thing you hear or read especially on the internet, all fabrication. I miss the good old days when honesty ruled.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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