Talking to a Jumbie machine

Good Morning peeps. Yesterday I told you about my love affair with a machine, my cell phone, today ill lament my running with a Jumbie machine..

Earlier last week, I made two calls to the telephone company, both times i spoke with a customer service rep, answered all the question then i was put on hold so i can be transferred to someone else. I wanted to cancel my service on two phones.

On both occasions i was cut off. It could have been my phone but they cant prove that. Anyway shortly afterwards I received the following text message:

Phone company.
“Free Msg: Thanks for calling (phone company). Your feedback is important to us. Shortly you’ll receive 4 questions.”

Too bad there is no middle finger sign on my phone.Then a few minutes later:

Phone company.
“How satisfied are you with the service from the last Rep you spoke with? Reply 5-if Completely, 4-Very, 3-Somewhat, 2-Not very, 1-Not at all”

Now under normal circumstances i would have simply ignored it, afterall i did not receive any servive, but i was pissed. So i responded.

Me texting.

I called twice both times i was disconnected, still have to make the call. Why are you sending me surveys asking about service i did not receive ”

I know, i know, sounds a little crazy,  it was a machine i was communicating with. I was thinking, what if it was a person. I remember one of my nieces told me that she worked for a service that relayed text messages. They would retype your message and relay it. Yes, you send a message it was intercepted and retyped and sent on its way. All the juicy stuff too.

Yes a third party know all your secrets.

Another message from the mother ship:

Phone company.
“Sorry to hear that. Do you feel your inquiry was resolved?
5. Absolutely
4. Yes
3. Somewhat
2. Not really
1. Not at all”

I told you. How could a machine be sorry. Now i have  human.

Me texting.
“I waited and waited spoke with a CSR got transferred then the line went dead twice..”

Phone company.
“Thanks. Based on your recent experience how likely are you to recommend (phone company)?
2.Not likely
1.Not at all”

That was cold. It was obviously not a person, just an autoresponder. Hate machines sometimes.

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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