When there is plenty you must still decide.

Good Morning peeps. Jo is away, this morning i made my shake and went in the backyard to enjoy the beautiful weather. The plants are looking great and the hedge is coming along nicely. Birds are my favourite next to female humans to look at.

In my neighbour’s yard there is a shed with some lattice work on the back of it, which attracts a lot of birds. Its like a lovers lane for birds. Great place to observe their behaviour.

As im looking there is this lil guy, he has his eyes on this one chicky bird. He is dancing, fluffing his feathers doing his thing. It appears that she is not interested in him, everytime he gets too close she hops away. The dude is not giving up.

Just a few feet away from him there is another female who seem to have the hots for him. I believe she thought he was coming on to her with his bird dance and she was definitely interested. I think she is doing everything to get his attention but he is totally ingoring her.

Well female bird number one flies off. Poor guy. That is when he tried to acknowledge female number 2. It was around the same time female number 2 sees male number 2 just above her. He was silently observing the goins on. All he had to do was one bird wing shimmy, she was sold, she was so worked up she went off with him. Trallop was my first thought.

Sounds like a human story, have been there many times.

Not being a bird whisperer i can only surmise male bird number one was inexperienced, male bird number two simply allowed him to do all the foreplay knowing ‘a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

OK i’m cute, now back off

Good Morning peeps. I wrote this story last September. Today the weather is so beautiful, i decided to post it. Dont get the connection? Me neither.

We are having the greatest September ever since we have been in Calgary weather wise. Today another great day, can’t complain.

As I sit here enjoying my coffee and having my eggs, ( Jo is not home, she thinks I’m dieting, she keeps asking why I not losing weight), I was remembering an incident that happen to me when I was a kid probably 2 years old. This lady came to our shop and pinched my cheek and said ‘he is so cute, I can just eat it’. Yepppers i was a cute baby.

I recalled I was so angry, I twisted away from her with such force, I fell off the counter, I’m guesstimating 4 feet down to the floor. I got hurt, but I didn’t have to endure a sloppy kiss. Sometime we don’t like people doting over us. You can look at me just dont touch.

I know what you are thinking, where is he going with this?

Well as you know I like to look at people and although I try to be discrete i sometimes feel silly. Maybe i should get some sun glasses.

Female Humans are my favorite subject, they are so nice to look at. Nature at its finest. I like looking at birds also in case you were wondering.

Which poses a dilemma in this age of social media.

I have over 1100 FB friends, I must admit I don’t really most of them although I am working on it.

Here is my dilemma. Is it ok to look at pictures of the female human on FB for more than one or two seconds? You know just a glance.

If the person you are admiring knew you were looking at them would they be upset?

If they post a picture and you ‘Like’ it, do they appreciate it or not?

Is ok to say, ‘nice picture’ if you don’t really know them too well?

When a female post a picture and no one “Like” is that upsetting?

Do people look at my picture and want to ‘Like’ but dont know how i would react? Haha thats a easy one Like away.

So many questions, someone must write a user guide, I’m confused and want to do the right thing.

Today….Im going outside to enjoy the sun, im sure some strangers will go by.

As always.

Don’t forget to greet a total stranger today.

What kind of woman do you like to date?

Good Morning peeps. When i get tired of sitting at work i sometimes go for a walk. Depending on how much time i have my walk would vary accordingly. I dont have specific hours for work, i show up early and leave early and walk when i get the urge, i generally stay at work for 9 to 9.5 hours but who is counting.

A week ago Thursday, I decided a 30 minutes visit to Calgary Devonian gardens (Calgary best public space) was in order. It was around lunch time so i thought maybe i would go there, sit and look at people go back and forth. I love observing people, especially people who don’t want to be observed. I bet I get my picture taken lots of time, as everyone take pictures there.

I often wonder if most people have the same experiences as i do or you have to be looking for them like i do. haha.

Once i got fairly deep in the garden, I sat on a wall away from everyone which gives me a wide vision of the folks around me. After about 10 minutes of just relaxing, a couple came and sat 2 or 3 feet away from me, quite within ear shot.

Yes i like to eavesdrop also but not in a gossipy way though. I am a curious person. The conversation was friendly enough, so i ignore them, Then:

She: ‘what are you looking for in woman?’ Bingo.

He:’well let me think….. she must be smart……’

He went in to describe this person i would have to consider for myself if she was available. I love my wife but..

Haha kidding. I have to say that, she reads my blog.

I was not sure what he was thinking. If he was looking for a date, it was not going to happen. In my young days I would have answered that question with three words.

‘someone like you’ and put on my million dollar smile. Love my odds better.

Anyway they continued to chat for a while, i thought he was too aggresive got bored and left. He ain getting any was my last impression.

As i walked away i took a look back to get a look at them. She was no beauty but he was the beast. In life though there is someone for everyone.

Yesterday i went back to the same spot and guess what, yes a couple sat down next to me. I had to look, same woman different guy. Hmmmm, same question, this guy was a little shy, would not want to be in his fantasy.

If you are West Indian you probably remember a calypso where a couple was in a hotel room and as the busboy was walking by he heard them talking, they were debating who should be on top. He got so curious he looked through the key hole and witness them trying to close a suitcase by sitting on it. Sometimes things are not what they first appear to be.

Like the busboy i got curious and scooted over a little closer. I sat there for 20 minutes listening. Very intense conversation.

At the end she said to him, Ill add your profile to our database and see what match comes up. Good one, a dating service.

The gardens is also used for weddings, maybe she does both. If i ever see her alone ill be having a friendly conversation with her.

As always

Don’t forget to greet a total stranger today.

Ok its Saturday, ill let my follicles down

Good Morning peeps. Yesterday was not the best day for me. Im a fairly easy going guy, generally calm under stress, if i knew how id probably be a good poker player because im so calm.

You get the picture, at work nothing much bothers me.

I understand my role, although i work in IT, I spend most of my day with operations. My job is to support the business, make sure they have all the information they need to make good decisions and to assist in improving processes while eliminating redundancies. I am good at what i do.

(Haha sounds like s resume. No don’t call, not looking for work).

After being around for so long, i have pretty much seen it all when it comes to business processes so im able to identify areas that need improvement and suggest solution sometimes long before the user realize there is a problem.

I like to think of it this way. I have answers sometimes long before the question. I have learned its wise to wait for the question however, that way I am seen as the facilitator and not someone speaking out of turn.

(Ok I can be had for a 3 day work week mon thru weds, 4 weeks paid vacation, free parking, 120k ish yes money plus a 10% christmas bonus, that should do it for now, keep in mind humans need to grow).

Why did i have a bad day?

One of my peers told me to stop being so helpful, she said i make it sounds too easy. She was serious. A discussion followed.

Another peer ask me why do i have to give the users everything they ask for. I dont when it cant justify the cost. I had to remind him its not our job to determine requirements, ours is to support.

In both cases i had suggested simple changes to mundane tasks.

It took more time justifying my suggestions to my peers than it took to solve the problems. These people sapped my energy completely, i came home totally exhausted.

(One more thing for that dream position, oh never mind, I guess i always have to have peers, although i need a work from home option).

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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How I shot myself in the right foot again. Amazing

Good Morning peeps. This past week has been a very expensive week for us, all because i was not able to think quickly on my feet. This new chain of events started a week Wednesday when i went to the parking lot to pickup my car after work. Jo went out with some friends to a wine tasting party, the plan was for me to go home to care for Panda, the pooch, ill then get Jo later at the train station, easy peasy, so good so far.

When I tried to exit the parking lot the auto door was jammed. I huffed and puffed then started to back the car back into the parking space. As i was in the process out of the corner of my eye I saw this lady walking toward me. By the time i turned the car off, texted Jo about my dilemma, the lady had turned around and walked back to the exit door.

The parking space belong to a friend who lives in the building, we rent it from her for a fraction of the cost of parking downtown Calgary where rates are in excess of $400 monthly. Yes for a parking space. What we did not know is that being a tenant does not entitle you to a spot, one has to go and request a stop for a fee which is what she did and sub-let it to us.

I needed to know the situation so i approached the lady in the parking lot. Now im a friendly kinda guy and nosy also, I had had a pretty busy day, i didn’t recall having greeted a total stranger that day so this was a great opportunity to fix that. The conversation went like this.

Me, ‘good afternoon, how are you?’

Her, ‘its a brand new door, you expect it should work.’ She seemed a little stressed.

Now at this point i should have clued in that she was the superintendent and walked away as i didn’t really belong there. Remember how i came by the space? Anyway my nurturing instincts kicked in. As i said she seemed awfully stressed. I had to get her to relax and show her that i was not upset with her.

Me. ‘I sure they will be here soon. How is your day going?’ hmmm it just came out.

Her: ‘ forget the damn day, these idiots should have been here already, we paid a lot for the door, its brand new. If you have to know, i’ve been having a bad two months’.

Ok that was my clue, run Tony run. My feet weren’t moving though.

I should have run at this point, but i had to soothe her to nurture her, to help her relieve her stress, i think she just need a hug. Haha bad thought.

Me: ‘I would think they should be here soon…..’

She started to walk away. This one got away, i was unable to help her, now I have to go find a new stranger to greet.

She was about ten feet away when she turned and asked.

She: ‘by the way, what is your stall number?’

It was at that time i realized that i was in deep dodo. No good deeds go unpunished. What does that mean anyway. I could have lied and given her a wrong number but she had already seen me park so i just told her and left.

I decided to go back to work and wait it out.

That was Wednesday, on Thursday we were told the parking rate was going up by $30, no biggie, still a bargain. Pheww dodged the bullet or so we thought. On Saturday we were out and our friend left a message to call her back. Jo called her, all i could hear was, ‘no, oh no, no way, what a big mouth, he just can’t help himself’.

Didn’t clue in, there is no way she could have been talking about me.

When she got off the phone she came right at me.

Jo:’you just dont know how to keep your mouth shut, you had to go and talk to the superintendent, now we have to give up the parking spot’.

I tried to make up a good story but there was nothing really to say.

I began to play the scene back my mind, how was i suppose to know it would be a problem? How did the super figure it out? Did i mention that the lady who was assigned to the lot is Asian?

So now we have two choices, take the train like most people or find a new spot. Thats the expensive part. Choices, choices, opportunity to meet new people i guess. This past week we took the train 2 days and drove 3 days, new challenges ahead. Im confused.

As usual,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.