something about the apple and the tree

Two posts ago, I wrote about my son leaving for school and how miserable I was, well slowly things are changing. I am not looking out the window every time a car pulls up but I still find myself looking into his old room as I walk by expecting to see him. I wonder if that will ever change, don’t know if it matters.

The last post I was blabbing about my cooking skills and how I love chicken and rice, still do, cooked that yesterday, can’t wait for Jo to retire.

Well I am happy to say the apple did not fall too far from the tree. My son D and I text everyday and one of the questions I always ask is what are you eating.

On Monday he has chicken strips and rice.

On Tuesday he had chicken strip, but he cooked to many pieces so he wanted to know if he can freeze the leftovers.

On Wednesday he cooked chicken breast, the meal is in the picture below. Yes that is BBQ chicken and rice with some cucumber. He said it was too salty.

When I asked him why he does not cook something else he said he likes chicken and rice. Go D Go.


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