Someone has to be the boss, right?

Last weekend we were inspired to finish the stonework on the front of the house. It was no easy task. Neither Jo nor I had ever done any cement mixing so that was the most difficult part. In the end we had to get our son to do the masonry work because of the height (low), which was really hard on the back. Anyway we are quite happy with the result, what do you think?

It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Jo and I make a good team. I have a 5 days ‘let’s sleep on it’ policy as a general rule. Jo has a do it now policy. I would never set out to do carpentry, plumbing, masonry or any of the trade. I am not good with my hands. I have a good mind for planning and supervisory skills.

Somebody has to be the boss, right. 

I remember once when we lived in Toronto we found water leaking in the basement. The house had 3 floors plus the basement, so the water could be coming from anywhere. After careful analysis we decided that the water was leaking from the toilet on the top floor. The other side of the bathroom is a walk in closet, so we agreed to cut a hole in the wall and peek. This would be the easiest solution. You know my 5 days policy. I went to my ‘workshop’ for a ruler, stopped on the way back for a pencil and pad. This was to do the planning prior to my 5 days thinking time.

The leak was a slow leak and as luck would have it the water was running right into a drain in the concrete floor of the basement.

When I got back with my tools, Jo had already punched a huge hole in the gyprock and had her head in the hole looking around for the source of the leak. We were wrong; the pipes were as dry as a bone. We found a pop can in the walls though.

Ok now we have a dilemma, we can punch a hole in the laundry room or the dining room. There are no pipes in the dining room so that leaves the laundry room. We carefully put a hole in the gyprock close to the ceiling of the laundry room, again we found no leaks, but the pipes are wet meaning the leak in above the entry point, yikes.

The only other option was the dining room. The walls in that room had some beautiful decorative ceiling and baseboard mouldings and we did not want to touch them. After some hesitation we made a hole close to the floor baseboard, that way we would cause minimal damage. What bad luck, no leak but the pipes are wet. Finally we did the dreaded thing, we removed most of the gyprock around the pipe and eureka, we found the problem. When the house was built over 50 years ago, a nail use in the wall board had entered the pipe and was now rusted.

It took a while but we manage to repair all the walls carefully and redid the mouldings.

It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

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