So people ask, how do you manage to greet strangers

Good Morning peeps. People are always asking if i do greet total strangers daily. Yes I do.

I also chat with strangers all the time, totally embarasses my family when they are with me. I always get the question, ‘ do you know that person?’

Its always in fun.

Now many strangers i met on my morning walk are now ‘friends’ , ‘good morning’ friends.

Yes i like people.

So how do I greet strangers. Actually there is a trick to it. Ever wanted to greet someone but by the time you make eye contact it was too late? They had just zipped by.

The trick is to have your cheeks in the right position, you know like a half smile, its almost a dumb look but keep them that way as you walk. Easy peasy so far.

When people looked at you with your silly grin, they take a closer look because to them it looks like you know something. They are thinking that maybe their shirt is on backwards or even worse. At that moment they are vulnerable, that extra split second longer to look at you and whammo, you raise up your cheeks and out come the ‘good morning’. You got them because they now no that you are not just looking because something is out of place.

There is a sense of relief, they are happy to reply.

Works like magic.

On the other hand if they look at you like you are a weirdo, its easy to lower your cheeks, no biggie.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today

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