Reflection is sometimes a good thing

Just over a year ago my son’s girl freind encouraged me to join Facebook. I asked her what would I do with it, never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined the old friends and family in far places I have been able to reconnect with. Absolutely amazing. Thanks

After I joined FB I started writing silly things daily, here is a sample.

Oct 29/09

On my 15 minutes walk to work I pass a lot of homeless people. The area is pretty dark also. This morning the regular homeless resident in an Antique store doorway was missing. On the ground beside the doorway were 2 loonies ($2), I picked them up. My first thought? Remember that kid in Mary Poppins who refuse to give his pennies to the bank? What a dilemma, probably have to go to confession, oops I am Methodist.

Oct 30/09

This morning at 5:30 am as usual I let the dog out in the back yard. Today she just sat on the ground and looked at me with a confused look on her face and would not move. After 5 minutes I let her back in and she went to her bed. I went to the kitchen and saw a note from Jo who had left earlier to go to the gym, ‘I let the dog out’. You know what I was thinking when I stood looking at the dog? What a stupid dog, I wonder what she was thinking about me.

Nov 4/09

I don’t use an alarm to wake up generally, when Jo is home she does but I am always awake when the alarm goes off at 5:30. Well Jo is away. This morning I got up, took a shower, got dressed, ate, took the dog out (got that yesterday look from the dog again), then looked at the clock. Its 4:30am. And I am thinking, ‘I wonder if the dog knew that?’

Nov 2/09

I bought some new shirts and decided to try one this morning. I have new clothes that I never wear because I like the feel of my old clothes.  Got to work reached into my backpack, retrieved my security badge open the door, go to put my badge into my shirt pocket, there is no pocket and I am thinking what kind of wuss makes a shirt without a pocket.

Nov 3/09

As I stand in line at Timmy waiting for my morning poison I am thinking, if I were to quit coffee, ‘what can I do with the $5 I spend here every day?

Nov 9/9

Remember a few weeks ago I found some money, 2.50$, in front of the antique store doorway where this homeless guy sleeps? I have been walking around with this money for 2/ 3 weeks now and I want to give it back. Here is what I am thinking, because I pass the same people daily, ‘if I were to select someone and give him the money do I now become a target for the beggers?

Nov 10/09

Ok decision made the $2.50 I found goes to Sally Ann, I encourage all to do the same this holiday season. What am I thinking, ‘it feels good to give’

Just a note. I met this homeless lady this morning and we sat talking about her life. Out of respect to her (Gwen) I won’t repeat what she told me but it gives me some new fresh perspective on the homeless.

Nov /11/09

hmmm, I think I missed the memo. I just started this job in January so I can be excused fro not knowing that no one works on Remembrance day. It is not an official holiday for the employees, but we have floating days which you can use for days like this. Yes I am probably the only one in the building, 17 floors, oh well….So what am I thinking? ‘Where am I going to find coffee?’

Dec 1/09

My beef today. I have been watching this building being constructed for over 2 years now and I am just beginning to feel the impact of the structure which is just across the street outside my office window. It will block the sun completely when it is finished. Calgary is so far north, (about 6 hrs drive to the US border…), and the sun’s angle is quite low in the winter months. I may have to find a new job south of that building maybe in St Kitts

Dec 2/09

Ok now its cold, -14°C, not much of a wind except when you get on the bridge to cross the river. The sidewalk is pure ice. We had such a great November I forgot how cold it gets. I have to rethink my daily 2km trek.

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