One of the nice things about ageing

Good Moring peeps. One of the nice things about ageing is that you can get away with saying things that  would not have gone over too well when you were younger.

I go to bed before 10pm and if im luckly the alarm waits me up at 5am but oftentimes im up an hour or two before that and it can be annoying.

The first thing i do is make sure i dont need to pee, else ill never be able to go back to sleep. How do i know that? Once in a while id be too lazy to walk the 10 feet to the bathroom and pay.

I try to make the best of the idle time. Its actually a great time to travel in the past and fix things that you may have failed at when you were young. The mind is a wonderful thing. For example, I was not very good at cricket, the truth be told i was afraid to getting hit in the family jewels. Well in my mind travels, im a great cricketers. I can simulate a game in my head, its totally awsome, fans cheering. You should try it.

When i was new a puberty i was very shy. I would listen to guys talk about their conquests and just imagine it was me. These guys would not tell stories like ‘i sat on a rock for 3 hours and caught a lil fish’, no it was more like ‘man the fish was jumping in my buckets i had so much i walked away, but ill be back tomorrow for more’. Except it was not about fish, they were talking about sex and who would not want a bucket of fish.

Now i was not good at fishing, i sat around for hours and would not catch a thing, when the fish bite i was always late responding, wink, wink, methaphors right. Guess what im old now and unlike the cricket game im not able to retify that problem in my travels back to my youth. I guess some things are just what they are.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger.

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