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Its time to shop

Good Morning peeps. Whether i need to or not, this is the time of year to go clothes shopping. Yes like most things that involve going to the mall, i am totally against.

Most often i go with Jo although i must say its not fun. She is always insisting i try on before i buy. My appraoch is just get what you want and keep the receipt in case.

Yesterday i went to the Bay looking for shirts. There must have been a sale on because there long tables of dress shirts and lots of shoppers, mostly women.

Women are different shoppers they pick up everything and look. I just want to grab and run. I stood for a while observing, trying to determine what is popular but it was not working. I am really bad at shopping. My style is to hone eeen quickly on what i want and buy. I am not sure why i decided to follow the crowd.

I saw this guy about my age and dressed similiar and decided to observe him.

I remember when i was a kid, at Easter we would get very colourful tissue paper and make kites. Pretty kites. Thats the image that came to mind looking at this guy’s selections. Whats wrong with the shirt makers, why are they making pretty shirts for men.

I bailed, maybe ill go back today or better yet wait for Santa, Jo, to do this.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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