My new way of living

Good Morning peeps. Today im cleansing, have not eaten since yesterday evening and i wont eat untill Monday morning. Just fluids and some stuff Jo gives me. I try to do it once a month.

I could have never imagined i would be saying what i just said. I have ‘dieted’ before but its really hard to do. When i started on my current path of a healthy lifestyle, i wanted to approach it differently. It took me 30 years plus to get to where i was. How do you undo that?

I started slowly, going from my daily 4 cups of coffee to 3 then 2 then finally i was able to stop the craving. Same thing with bread, eggs and rice. The plan was never to stop eating these things entirely, just to break the ‘craving’ habits. I would eat lots of eggs, could not get enough.

Since i broke these lifetime habits of craving certain foods, which took several months, i am now able to have a coffee with my friends and notĀ  ‘need’ another, same with the eggs, boiled. I try to stay away from the bread and white rice and fry foods, but for a different reason and id be lying if i said i dont sneak once in a while.

Some things may take another lifetime to overcome, the secret is control. I have not yet quite mastered the Corona bad habit. Im human.

One of the first things the doctors ask you to cut out when you show up in his office with arthritis is rice and bread. Im on a preventative plan, damn i just had a craving.

An educational institution in England, Oxford I think, did some research and report that most men, something like 90% would not admit they were on a diet. I can understand why, people make fun of you. Just over 50% would admit to working out in the gym.

Today im too old to care what people think, but its quite sad. I am at the size i was when i was in my mid 20’s and folks tells me i need to eat more, go figure. For my birthday Jo gave me some stylish body shirts, nice, she says i should show off my body. I was expecting a Mustang Shelby.

Want to hear something interesting, Jo has turned this healthy lifestyle thing into a business. She has been able to convince 30 plus folks to join her, only two of the 6 men actually lasted 2 weeks, one is me, the other lost 60lbs. Some of those 30 plus folks convince others and now her organization is now well over 200. She is on a mission to make a difference in peoples health.

We have found that men are more prone to peer pressure when it comes to diet and exercise.

Some people say what Jo is doing is a pyramid scheme. I say who cares, we have loads of energy, we walk between 3 and 5 miles every other day, i climb 12 floors twice a day at work, she does the gym every other day, went from a size 14 back to a size 4, same size she was when we met and we sleep like babies. I say its a good scheme and we get two free meals each daily.

We share it with other people. Its more like a quick ‘to good health’ scheme.

So here i am, people are always asking if i plan to eat like that (2 protein shakes a day and one regular meal), forĀ  the rest of my life, I say why not. Although i can cheat a little, you dont get fat or skinny overnight.

Here are some facts about my day, the two shakes total less than 500 calories with plenty muscle building Whey protein. Each meal takes around 7 minutes to prepare and consume. Sometimes i have to remember to have lunch because i am not hungry. That leave me between 1200 and 1400 calories short from the recommended daily intake.

I so look forward to supper.

Jo is a great cook and we eat out once a week. Yes we tend to pig out a little although we do include lots of fruits and vegetables.

Its all good and Jo will be happy to explain it to you if you were interested in this win win healthy lifestyle ‘pyramid’ scheme.

If that sounded like a commercial, sorry, ill be back to my normal self tomorrow.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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