My habits.

Good Morning peeps. Im feeling a little fustrated today although im not entirely sure why.

My life is a bit of a paradox. We all need routine. As a parent we know how important that is to a child. But do we ever grow out of it?

I had a business once, software development, after working for the man for lots of years. My business routine on most days was getting up in the morning getting the kids off to school then walking to the basement and working. Sometimes ill go to visit my customers

That went on for about 5 years, then i got bored shifted my focus to contracting myself out. I still supported my software. The best part, i was able to leave home after the kids left and be back in time to meet them at 3:30 as they got off the bus.

Then the kids grew out of me. Did not want me to ‘baby’ them anymore.

We moved to Calgary and i found a job back working for the man. Routine.

Now i get up at 5am go to work, do a great job, leave work at 4pm go home, hmmm ok thats enough info.

Why the paradox? I hate routine. Thats why i started my own company. Unlike most men, i found a way to be with the kids. Guess what, to succeed i had to develop routines, which i hate.

I need to invent a new way, avoiding routine.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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