My Annual Physical Checkup

Good Morning peeps. On Friday i took some time off work and went for my scheduled annual medical checkup, recommend it for everyone. Before i tell you about my experience, a piece of advise. When you are in a doctors waiting room you may want to turn off your FB if you have friends that make you laugh. People are there because they are ill, they wont understand why you are happy. I got some cat eyes.

Things are different today than in my young days when you go for a checkup. Back then the doctor would enter the exam room have a quick chat then instruct you to undress as he or she left the room to give you some privacy. In between you may have been asked to step on the weight scale or measured to see how you are doing compared to the last time, while the doctor take notes.

Today its not like that. Its all about saving money. I could have prepared before the doctor came in since i know the drill but it ws cold in the room so i waited for him to show up. As expected, he appeared 10 mins after i had been taken to the exam room. I was his first appointment. He poke his head in the room and said, ‘if you are here for a check up, please get undress, ill be back in a minute’. Im guessing in part to save steps, money saver. I did, hoping he meant what he said, the room was cold.

When he came back, unlike the old days he had no charts or folder with my history, I believe its all online today to save money. I recall last year he actually showed up with his laptop which was having some issues, probably slows him down. I am not complaining, simply adjusting to the new reality of medical care. Here is the thing, last year after i did my tests I waited anxiously for two weeks for a call back. Finally i had to call to find out the results only to be told I would only get a call back if there were problems. I guess its about saving money.

As usual he took my blood pressure, then did it again, looked a little surprised at the result, then asked me if i was on medication. I figured he would know that but maybe his computer is broken so i replied no. He did not respond, i made a mental note to ask him about it at the end. He poked at my chest, poked and prodded what seems like an extra few times, then again asked me about my medication. I must confess I was getting a little worried. He then asked me to turm on my side and lower my shorts, haha you know where he is heading, this time i did not flinch, i knew what was coming. He asked me to stand up, my shorts still lowered and he went you know where, yes. Remember last week i commented about my shrinking body? Enough said.

When i first came to Calgary i had a female doctor with a sense of humor, i found a new doctor, this guy was dead serious, i like that. He then asked me again, if i was on medication, now im really worried.

Before i answered i decided to ask him why he keep asking me that. He said for my age, he had never seen such a low blood pressure without medication, asked me if i was on a diet, so i told him about my new healthy life sytyle.

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In case you are wondering about my blood pressure, it is 120/80. Jo says its like having 20/20 vision or 80/20 hindsight.

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