Ive been called lots of things.

Good Morning peeps. Last week someone called ne an idiot for a comment i made in this Yahoo group im a member of. Didnt really bother me, i get called that a lot of things mostly for my views or lack of, depending on which side of the political fence you are on.

Right here on FB this dude compared me to the Jeffersons because I did not share his point of view. Not sure exactly what he meant maybe one day ill ask him.

Ive been defriended several times on FB for harmlessly saying the ‘wrong thing’.

In addition to those names ive been called ‘bad Tony’, ‘mischivous Tony’, ‘ignorant Tony’ the list goes on and on. I can give you some more if you ask. Needless to say but I do have a reputation.

If you ask my wife Jo to describe me she would say ‘sweet handsomeTony’, my friend Bassam calls me ‘naieve Tony’, my sister Mryna called me ‘innocent Tony’ and the best one comes from my baby sister Jane who calls me ‘TonTon’, dont ask me why, when she wants to scold me its ‘Tony macaroni’.

So you see i have many sides. During my annual review at work my boss ask me not to be so aloft with my coworkers, ive been meaning to look it up in Wikipedia, im sure it has more than one meaning.

I am a very loyal person, it started when i was very young and i liked a certain girl, i didnt care who liked her first not even if it was my cousin. It got ugly, he had his friend hold my hands behind my back and he put a good beating on me. When i got home all bloody and told mom what happend she lectured me and explained that family comes first. After that day, i changed, loyalty is my middle name.

If you asked me to describe myself i have one thing to say, ‘ill never hurt a fly’. I want that on my grave stone.

Yesterday i decided to try and wash the blue out of my white tshirts. On Tuesday, my last day in Toronto, i got a little lazy and pushed all my clothes in the washing machine. In the mix was a blue shirt i had not washed before, all my white tshirts, ten of them turned blue. I didnt tell Jo, she has a thing about separating the colours.

I washed them twice with bleach, didnt work. I decided to hang them outside, maybe the sun will make them white. I took them on the balcony and was about to hang them on the railing when i notice all the dirt. I quicked returned inside to get a rag. Guess what, a fly followed me, actually two flies. You know those big arse ones with huge eyes and multi coloured head.

I got a piece of newspaper and was chasing them around the house. Never hurt a fly my arse, it is just a figure of speech, i was gonna kill these two suckers.

I chased them around for a while, finally i believe they were getting tired, one of them landed on the kitchen sink, piece of cake. Without thinking, thunk, newspaper landed in the wrong spot, right on a glass. It shattered.

It took me a while to bandage my cut, even contemplated going to the hospital. Yes my reputation is intact, ‘id never hurt a fly’.

Fyi. Didnt see the flies again, im thinking they had their fun and just left, the screen door was still open. My t’s are still blue.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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