Its Friday night and i have no complaints

Good Morning  peeps. It is just after midnight. Yesterdsy  I received a message from my niece telling me that her dad, my brother was doing much better, he is in the hospital.

He is the third of three older brothers that are currently experiencing deterating health. Normally i would keep this ‘in the family’, but as i sit here in a special place, i begin to reflect on my own health and realize how fragile life really is.

I ask myself how much can i really control?

If you read my jabberings you may be aware that ive been on a healthy living quest. Jo my wife, had been after me to eat right and get exercise. She is a great example.  It didnt hit home until after i had a conversation with this lady at work several months ago who told me that she could not make a meeting that day because she had to leave early to go be with her 85 year old dad who is in a nursing home. I am a curious person so i asked questions about her dad.

It was during the conversation she said, ‘thank god my dad has me to visit, id hate to think what his life would be like if he was alone.’ My antena went up of course.

What on earth did she mean.

She told me a story about the mistreatment of residents who had no family visiting them. Made me want to be healthy for a long time.

I disgressed.

As i sit here on a bench that my son made is High School shop, it has special significance, I began to reflect on my own life.

I asked myself, do we really have a say in what happens in our life or are we pre programmed on a certain path?

Is it just me or does everyone ask these questions?

Here is what my life has been like.

When I have a need, a solution generally present itself and generally not the way i would have resolved it and when i have extra an opportunity appear out of nowhere to share. It has been like that all my life, thank god Jo and i are kindread spirits, we are very much alike.

I have been so lucky.

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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