In the Summer Time

“In the summer time when the weather is fine, you can reach right up and touch the sky, da da da da do do dad a (cant remember the words) …………………….you got women, you got women on your mind, do do do dah dah”. Hey you remember that song? On the weekend we had such great weather here I found myself humming that song, hahaha good times.

When I was in high school, I would try to sit in direct line of sight of the teacher that way I was invisible. Think about it. That would be a good position for most of the year but during May and June when the weather would heat up, I wanted to be seated close to the window so I could gaze outside, I loved to look at the heat vapour rising from the ground. Of course I got into a lot of trouble for not paying attention.

On Sunday I found myself reminiscing about the old high school days again. One the extra curricular activities were the Cadets. I am not sure exactly how I got involved but I found myself in the Cadets. This was light military style group. The equipment for the cadets was stiff kaki shirt and pants, huge heavy belt and boots like boat anchors. In my mid teen years I was a skinny boy, probably weighed 75-90 lbs. The equipment was at least 1/4 of my weight. Have you ever seen a dog with socks on its feet, the dog would lift its feet really high when it took step. That was me. I still remember my parents dying of laughter as I left the house. I would have to walk from my house to Springfield pasture, quite a distance.

The activities at the weekly gatherings included marching together, left/right, left/right, about turn and sometimes with a 10-15lb rifle. It was not fun for me, at the time I thought it was all the weight I was carrying around that cause me to be so bad at it, I easily learned to suck it up. As I grew older I realize the problem was in my head, I simply march to a different drummer.

1/20 of Kittitians in Calgary, but the only couch potato.

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