If you going to be a cab driver..live in Vegas

Good Morning peeps. Friday night on the way to the hotel in Vegas, the taxi driver was trying to convince us that it was a cool evening, temperature 96F. It was hot but i  guess everything is relative.

We are here for a health and wellness conference. On Saturday we took a cab to a ‘discount’ shopping mall. I hate shopping, to be honest I dont think Jo likes it either. On our way out of the mall after walking around for an hour and a half, i had to remind her why we paid a cab to take us there. We were about to walk out empty handed.

Jo went back and bought some sunny dresses which i thought was a little odd until she announced they were for ‘the Anguilla trip’, news to me, but oh well.

On the way to the mall we had a nice Cuban taxi driver, who took us along the scenic strip. On the way back the driver went on the highway, i pointed out to him that we had taken the scenic route on the way there and he did not seem too impressed. He said it was faster by $3, but it was the start of a new adventure, never a dull moment in my life.

Before we went to the mall, a lady told us that she had gone to Walgreen to buy water. After the taxi dropped us off and as we were entering the hotel we asked the door person to direct us to  the Walgreen. She told us to go through the Casino, turn left past the conservatory, pass the convention center, then go over the City Center bridge and on the south side of the road. Too much information but off we went.

We did a few left and rights through slot machines and a bunch long faces, i dont quite get the attraction to betting, anyway, we came to a box office where we stopped and purchased some tickets for Cirque du Soleil. We also got a map and some new directions to Walgreen.

As we passed the front desk, we noticed that the background had transformed from a fish tank to a garden. Explains the name Mirage I guess.

We had arrived at the hotel at night and had not seen some of the attractions like the beautiful birds on display.

When we got up that morning we had done some swimming but as we passed by the pool on our way to Walgreen we realized how much we had missed, it seemed so different.

Are you getting the picture? Its almost like we were in a new place from the night before.

I know its getting long but bare with me.

We got to the Walgreen which seemed like miles away from the hotel. As we were leaving the store we asked the cashier for direction back to the Mirage hotel. She said go south for about a mile and its on the east side. How was that possible?

We started walking to the hotel in 106F temperature  and i was totally confused so i began to reflect. Taxi dropped us off, we walked through the casino, purchased tickets then walked for another 10 minutes in the wrong direction, but. How on earth could we be 1 mile from the hotel. I asked Jo for the map that the lady in the box office had given us, sure enough the taxi driver had dropped us at the wrong hotel.

Do you think it was on purpose?

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

PS. the taxi trip to the hotel as $22.50, back to the airport $14.50, oh well. Vegas is nice but they need some smoking bylaws, probably wont be back as a result.

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