I want to be a writer

When I started writing on FB you may recall I did it for therapy, trying to reconnect with my past and at the same time getting use to having people read what I write when I write for pleasure.

Quite intimidating as I am a bit of an introvert.
I would like to a serious writer, but can I really do it….

In High School my lowest test scores were in English, literature and languages. Test scores mid 50’s.

By contrast my best grades were in Geography and History with test scores in the 70 and low 80, I did quite well. I have always been a dreamer, I would travel to far away places (geography) and into the past (history) in my head during math and English classes. This would probably help to explain the high and low grades.

What I did for a living….

Until recently when I was involuntarily retired (temporarily) to being the only Kittitian couch potato in Calgary, I had been a Senior Business Analyst for a long time.

Later I will explain how I was able to achieve that level of expertise.

My job included understanding business requirements during discovery interviews, documenting my findings and recommending business solutions from small to fairly large companies. My biggest challenge in most situations was listening. I have a ‘TUNING OUT problem. I have a very active inner voice that comes out to play at the wrong time.

I hope my potential boss does not read this, of course I would deny I wrote it.

I have extensive understanding of business processes; I have seen just about everything, thank god there are only so many ways to process an invoice. Over time I develop the skill of framing processes into images, DOODLING. During the interview phase I would draw pictures with notations and then later ‘decode’ them into short sentences.

Worked for me; it is quite efficient way to do things and I was pretty good at it. This skill may not apply to my current endeavour however.

The future….

Now I am learning to write in a way that people would want to read, understand and find interesting.

I know what you are thinking, ‘take a writing course idiot’,

OK! Maybe I will.

In the past I have registered in at least 10 courses in various subjects, attended the first class and never returned. Remember the TUNING OUT problem? Probably ADD (please don’t repeat).

I have quite a challenge ahead of me. Wish me luck, maybe I can be an inspiration to others. I’ll point you to my blog next week.

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