I Love You Forever and on Tuesdays

 I am now back home in Calgary and I am thinking maybe I was a little premature when I started mouthing off about my love for Toronto in my last post. I still do but, phew the traffic is incredible.

Jo, my daughters, grand children and I had lots of fun together. We really miss Toronto.

On Tuesday Jo and I took off from Ajax where we were staying to Rexdale to visit my sister, then to Brampton across Hwy 7 to visit 2 sisters. It took us an hour to go from Rexdale to Brampton. All the time I was visiting my sister in Brampton, I am thinking about the long trip back to Ajax. I was unable to visit sister #3, Jo had to get back and of course now I have a sister mad at me, probably.

On Wednesday Jo, daughter J1 and 2 grand kids took off to Quebec leaving me ‘free to do my thing’.

I have a million friends in Toronto, let the fun begin.

Except to go from point A to point B takes forever; everyone is sooooooooo far away, not because of distance, but grid lock traffic. I returned the 7 passengers rental, now I have to rely on my daughter J (too many J’s, was a good idea at the time). To my surprise, she is a very aggressive driver. When I ask her why, she said, ‘eat or be eaten’. Wow I don’t even recognise her, I guess that’s what Toronto has done to her.

My plan was to visit at least 6 friends in two days, but I had to beg off, I just could not find the energy to travel around the city. I think next time I’ll arrange for my friends to come to me. J

Still I had a great time with my daughter and granddaughter (AJ) and Jr. (J’s step son). AJ and I had lots of bonding time; she would wake me every morning by poking me in the eye then running away, the little things that make me happy.

On Thursday AJ told me she loves me forever.

I told her I love her forever and a day.

She told me she loved me forever and on Tuesday.

Nice times.

 I took lots of pictures to include in my post but I forgot my memory stick on J’s computer.

On Sunday I had to say goodbye to AJ, she broke my heart by refusing to acknowledge me. She is 2 with a 6 year old vocabulary, going on thirty. I think she was heartbroken also.

J says she has been asking for me.

I need those pictures or Skype.

Oh well back to reality, Calgary. My daughter the raceway driver and I drove away for the airport; my son in law ‘A’ and his neighbour were working on building the fence. ‘A’ is a busy body, always doing something. He and Jo, my wife, would make a great team.  Of course I would be the boss.

Looking at ‘A’ and the neighbour cause me to reflect on ‘my neighbour to the right’. You may recall that he too was working on a fence when I left Calgary. He had not consulted with me like good neighbours do before he stated building the ugly fence on his side of a perfectly nice chain linked fence. Now there are two fences his and ours.

I think I need to take a course in conflict resolution.

When I was a kid in St Kitts I purchased a subscription to the Readers Digest magazine. I would read it from cover to cover but always reading the sections ‘laughter the best medicine’ several times, a source of great wisdom. On my way from Toronto I was thinking about that magazine and how it gave me many hours of pleasure and decided that rather than allow the neighbour to the right ( or anyone else) to bother me and now I have lots of time on my hand, I will deal with my frustrations using humour.

Maybe one day ill send ‘the neighbour to the right’ the link to my blog or not.

The only Kittitian couch potato in Calgary.

When I left TO the temperature was 24C, I got home to 9C, and yesterday it was 4C. And overcast. When will summer be here?.

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