I did it, then I stopped and now im doing it again, only differently.

Good Morning peeps. I have been blogging for a few years now, I started when I was at home not working and decided id change my career and become a writer, I had written business documents for years, how hard could it be. At first my writing was awful but I slowly improved.

After about 14 months a job ad showed up in my email inbox. I had subscribed to this placement agency job board. This job I could not ignore like i had done with the previous ones. Its like the gods were about to intervene, probadly thought I was not good at this writing thing. The ad was written for me, so I applied. I was totally amazed when i recieved an auto response saying that i was the 15th applicant and the chances were not looking good. I thought there was no way they could find another breathing soul in Calgary that would out duel me for that position.

I picked up the phone and called the lady at the head hunting company. I asked her to look at my resume and the job description and call the company to set up an appointment. I told her it would be the easiest money she ever made, then hung up the phone. Well, she called me back within the hour with an appointment and the rest is history.

So i had to give up my dream. Well not quite, i started the ‘Good Morning peeps’ snippits on FB about my adventures in Calgary to keep myself in the game and have been doing it now for over a year.

It has been hard to get the ‘blog’ going again, hope now ive started i can avoid being here, there and everywhere.

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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