I am sick

I remember when I younger, the first few years after I got married, whenever I got sick my wife would be like a great nurse, there to nurture me and feed me and help me to feel better, of course I often milked the situation. On Friday I got sick, well I got worse I had been feeling bad all week, when Jo came home from work of course I got 10 times worse hoping to get some sympathy, who wouldn’t.

She reminded me that he has a new job and her day was really hard, she does not want to catch what I have and I must suck it up.

The next morning she got up and went to spend the day with my daughter and grand kids. Did I mention how long we been together?

Hmmm, I am really ill have not slept in 4 nights, I went to the doctor yesterday and he … See Moregame my some meds. Isn’t it weird how you get worse at nights when you are sick? Jo does not seem to care, she tells me I am a big boy now and she does not want to catch what I have. She won’t even let me drive her to work. I won’t forget.

My wife and I met at work, I was her supervisor. She has the ability to do 3 peoples work comfortably, so working with her was easy for me, she is a super worker. She pursued me relentlessly. She is French and her English was very poor back then so I suspected she must have misunderstood my intentions. Well she won. She obviously has a good eye for a good man. I left that job, got another and hired her again. We even had a home based company for years. We spent most of our waking hours together. Today, I get up at 5 to drive her to work, pick her up later, we make dinner together and then we usually spend the rest the evening together. We are always together. Oh, we take separate vacations once a year, a break of sorts; she usually goes home to her mom. I look forward to her leaving then I miss her, not sure what to do with myself.

I can’t say enough good things about Jo, she is a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a painter, oh and a great cook and an excellent mom. How can one person be so many things!!!! I remember when she was 6 months pregnant with our second child; she got the silly idea to paint a room in our house with 18 foot walls, when I was at work. To this day I don’t know how she got the paint; we didn’t have a second car at the time. Well you guessed it, she fell of the ladder, Eric came out ok, although he has red hair and pigeon toes. You know they say if you want a job done give it to a busy person? Jo, you can’t change to be like that, you just are.

Yesterday I dragged myself out of bed, went to the hardware store to get some stuff to change the air vents on the side of the house. The damn birds have found their way into the vents. Of course the people that did the initial work 14 years ago was incompetent. I could not figure out how to replace the old vents. Grrrrrr. Jo came home took a look at the situation, returned the stuff, bought new stuff and replace the vents. Keep in mind I was not feeling well. You have to admit with her talents she must have spent a lot of time deciding what a good man should be like: one without an inflated ego, I make a great assistant, ask Jo.

I do not get sick very often, I am petty healthy, except for a few missing parts, I got circumcise when I was 21, a vasectomy when I was 40 and a colonoscopy at 50, (does that count?), and I have an annual medical check, I was told I have a Vitamin D deficiency. So here I am felling totally out of sorts and my Jo is not looking after me. I can’t even get back at her, when she is sick she does not complain.

Today I’ll cut the hedge, I am good at that.

1/20 of Kittitians in Calgary, but the only couch potato.

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  2. Ha! Ha! Ha!….how long you say you’ve been together?…. and you still haven’t learnt that there is no way you can analyse the way a woman’s brain works. Even scientists have not been able to come up with any definitive explanation, so it will continue to be a mystery. My advice: just shake your head and move on.

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