Home is where the heart is

Good Morning peeps. When you travel on vacation you generally ‘Leave home’ then ‘Return home’. They say home is where the heart is. Well my heart may be in a lot of places.

A long time ago whenever i went to StKitts i would tell people that i was going home. Today people always ask me, ‘when was the last time you went home?’. If the question came from someone from SKN, i would assume they were talking about SK.

Yesterday as i was waiting to board the plane in Toronto for a flight back to Calgary i got into a conversation with this nice young lady. She asked me if i was going home. I became conflicted. In that instant i was not sure how to answer.

I love Toronto, Ive lived there most of my life, called it home for a very long time, although deep down SK was always home. Im guessing you are allowed more than one home, where you were born and where you live.

When the young lady asked me if i was going home, i said yes and for a moment i had a sense of sadness that i was no longer calling Toronto home, like i had abondoned it. Its silly i know.

Later when i arived in Calgary, i must admit it felt great to be home. Yes i was home, Calgary is now in my soul.

A love triangle.

If you are allowed two homes, your birth place and where you live, what do i say when im going to Toronto to see the kids?

Hmmmm dilema but ill deal with it next time i go.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today

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