Happy Birthday to me.

Good Morning peeps. One year wiser. Jo asked me what i needed for my birthday. Pay close attention, she said needed and not wanted. The plan i think is to go out and buy me my needs, like underwear and t-shirts etc, annual maintence, replace the old. She said i should make a list.

Well i did.

When i was a kid, early teens, I read a book called ‘think and grow rich’, im not exactly rich, like millions, although i did follow some of the advise in the book.

The trick is to dream it, write it down, visualize…..

I decided to copy a page from that book when i make up my list. Think big.

Mustang Shelby
House on the beach in the Caribbean.

Why do i ‘need’ these things? I will enjoy them, simple as that.

Just in case my wish is too big for this year, ill just have a second list.

New runners.

Thats about it.

Al always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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