Getting old is all in the head.

Good morning peeps. They say getting old is all in your head, i say it shows up when you run also.

Yesterday morning i set out to go for a run. I walked the first 100m to get a little warmed up. At the end of  the 100m is a fork in the road where i had to make a decision, left or right, left is a downhill and right is an incline, either way will bring me back to the fork.

Coming along the track was a older guy, he was going to my right, up hill, i decided to follow him. It didnt take long for me to realize the old dude was fit. I was half way up the  climb when he disappeared.

The idea was to have someone help me set a pace. Normally i go out with Jo who is not much of a runner so i look like a champion running with her.

The next guy that went by was a marathoner for sure. Decided not to even try.

I was going along at my pace, its funny when you are running other runners acknowledge you. Its like ‘yea i feel your pain’. I wonder if it was that obvious. Ive never actually seen myself run, to me i look like the wind, if i had hair it would be a specticle to observe.

At about a mile or so i heard someone behind me, i looked back, there was this young woman pushing a baby going at a good clip. Haha i can do this.

As she was going past, its like she knew what i was thinking, she looked at me and i can swear she said, ‘try to keep up old man’.

Why did she think i was old? Was it the way i was running? Maybe she saw the agony in my face.

Ill stick to running with Jo she makes me look good.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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