Good Morning peeps. Yesterday i watched two Hawks in the sky not too far from my house doing their thing as i sat in my easy chair gazing out the window. How is that for flowering it up, im practising.

I can only guess that their bellies were full and they were out enjoying what else life have to offer.

They were poetry in motion, graceful, they must have been experiencing euphoria. I was thinking that it has been a long time since ive had a real passion for life. The kind you experience….never mind.

I am relatively happy and most of my needs are being met, but that uuumph is missing since my early days on the football field or swimming in the ocean, perhaps its a child thing. Kids have all the fun.

I should learn to fly, hmmmm, hahaha, no not like that.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today

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