Clean Garbage, a first, good thing i didnt have to pay

Good Morning peeps. What a start to the day, warmish and lots of sun, great day to go to the garbage dump, hahahahaha. We loaded up the car with dirt and off we do down the yellow brick road. I got to the gate and the attendant ask me what we were carrying, I said dirt, he ask if its clean dirt or dirty dirt, you know how my mind work, its clean so they want to pay me for it. Yes clean dirt I shouted, sure enough he said its free, just go down that road where the clean dirt pile is.

It was a long drive, I thinking they want to keep the clean dirt away from the garbage. Finally when I got there, I must tell you this dirt looks really clean to me. There is another attendant, who wants to see my clean dirt. Well its not clean at all because it has grass mixed in. We had to turn around and go all the way over to the dirty section. If you have ever been to the dump, the roads are like a roller coaster and It is awfully smelly there. Yes I was miserable.

Its all over and im felling a little guilty, I lied about having clean dirt so I didn’t have to pay, but I should have. Jo thinks that I spent more than $10 in gas driving around. I guess.
Don’t forget to greet a total stranger today.

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