Its time to shop

Good Morning peeps. Whether i need to or not, this is the time of year to go clothes shopping. Yes like most things that involve going to the mall, i am totally against.

Most often i go with Jo although i must say its not fun. She is always insisting i try on before i buy. My appraoch is just get what you want and keep the receipt in case.

Yesterday i went to the Bay looking for shirts. There must have been a sale on because there long tables of dress shirts and lots of shoppers, mostly women.

Women are different shoppers they pick up everything and look. I just want to grab and run. I stood for a while observing, trying to determine what is popular but it was not working. I am really bad at shopping. My style is to hone eeen quickly on what i want and buy. I am not sure why i decided to follow the crowd.

I saw this guy about my age and dressed similiar and decided to observe him.

I remember when i was a kid, at Easter we would get very colourful tissue paper and make kites. Pretty kites. Thats the image that came to mind looking at this guy’s selections. Whats wrong with the shirt makers, why are they making pretty shirts for men.

I bailed, maybe ill go back today or better yet wait for Santa, Jo, to do this.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

There was a time…

Good Morning peeps. There was a time when everything you heard or read was true, no matter the source.

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My dad told me he swam from Anguilla to St Kitts. He told me how he met my mom, she was cooking dumplings and the got so big they fell out the pot, he happen to be going by saw what happened and retrieved them for her. All true.

My brother once caught a Jumby put it in a bottle, place it in a crocus bag with a big stone and toss it in the bay. All true stories.

I remember the one and this must be true for true read it in the newspaper that man walked on the moom.

Well today you cant believe a thing you hear or read especially on the internet, all fabrication. I miss the good old days when honesty ruled.

As always

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One of the nice things about ageing

Good Moring peeps. One of the nice things about ageing is that you can get away with saying things that  would not have gone over too well when you were younger.

I go to bed before 10pm and if im luckly the alarm waits me up at 5am but oftentimes im up an hour or two before that and it can be annoying.

The first thing i do is make sure i dont need to pee, else ill never be able to go back to sleep. How do i know that? Once in a while id be too lazy to walk the 10 feet to the bathroom and pay.

I try to make the best of the idle time. Its actually a great time to travel in the past and fix things that you may have failed at when you were young. The mind is a wonderful thing. For example, I was not very good at cricket, the truth be told i was afraid to getting hit in the family jewels. Well in my mind travels, im a great cricketers. I can simulate a game in my head, its totally awsome, fans cheering. You should try it.

When i was new a puberty i was very shy. I would listen to guys talk about their conquests and just imagine it was me. These guys would not tell stories like ‘i sat on a rock for 3 hours and caught a lil fish’, no it was more like ‘man the fish was jumping in my buckets i had so much i walked away, but ill be back tomorrow for more’. Except it was not about fish, they were talking about sex and who would not want a bucket of fish.

Now i was not good at fishing, i sat around for hours and would not catch a thing, when the fish bite i was always late responding, wink, wink, methaphors right. Guess what im old now and unlike the cricket game im not able to retify that problem in my travels back to my youth. I guess some things are just what they are.

As always

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Life just goes on

Good Morning peeps. Its been at least a week since i was last here, how time flies.

So now ive decided, June 2016.

What have i been up to? Just routine stuff, nothing special. As you get older you tend to get less annoyed at things. Last night i went to bed at 9:30pm and was up at 3am. Now in the old days id be fussing, twisting and turning worrying about being tired at work and how much money i dont have. Things of the past.

This morning i just layed there trying to plan for retirement, where are we going to live, 6 months in the north, 6 months in the south. Should i get my long life deam, a hobby chicken farm with fancy pigeons. Then i started wondering who was going to look after my birds while i was in the south sunning. So many things to start planning for.

What usually happens at that time of the day and messes up your good time, yes the big question, will we have enough money. I stared wishing i could just fall asleep.

As always

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Bucket list

Good Morning peeps. As i go into the last 1/3 of my life im begoning to think of things ill like to do before i move on. My list is very long, its mostly about conquering my fears and inhibitions. Yes i have lots of those.

Jo went to a concert last night and i decided to go to bed early. I was in the bathroom down to my briefs and i looked in the mirror. Wow.

As you know we have been on a healty diet lifestyle and we are getting close to looking the way we did when we met back in the last century.

Something i was always curious about is a nudist colony. Hahaha no im not a pervert i want to just experience it. Now all i have to do is convince Jo.

This morning i decided to bring it up and break her in slowly.

Me. Jo i think we should have a naked day once a month where we get up, get naked, have breakfast, clean, exercise,…… all in the nude.

Jo. No

That was final. Maybe ill try again next summer when its hot outside.

As always

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Haha just a little fib

Good Morning peeps.  Ok yesterday i kinda left you hanging about my snooping on some total strangers.

Remember when the dude said:

‘Im serious she pulled it out right there on the train’. You may have to go back and read yesyerday.

He was actually talking talking about his cell phone.  His new girlfriend wanted to know who kept texting him. It was an old girlfriend. Hahaaha.

Ok maybe it was not funny.

This whole weekend ill be a bachelor, Jo on the move again, San Diego.  If anyone need any yardwork or construction work or painting done, hmmm dont call me  ill be resting up in case i have a busy week ahead.

As always

Dony forget to greet a total stranger today.

My habits.

Good Morning peeps. Im feeling a little fustrated today although im not entirely sure why.

My life is a bit of a paradox. We all need routine. As a parent we know how important that is to a child. But do we ever grow out of it?

I had a business once, software development, after working for the man for lots of years. My business routine on most days was getting up in the morning getting the kids off to school then walking to the basement and working. Sometimes ill go to visit my customers

That went on for about 5 years, then i got bored shifted my focus to contracting myself out. I still supported my software. The best part, i was able to leave home after the kids left and be back in time to meet them at 3:30 as they got off the bus.

Then the kids grew out of me. Did not want me to ‘baby’ them anymore.

We moved to Calgary and i found a job back working for the man. Routine.

Now i get up at 5am go to work, do a great job, leave work at 4pm go home, hmmm ok thats enough info.

Why the paradox? I hate routine. Thats why i started my own company. Unlike most men, i found a way to be with the kids. Guess what, to succeed i had to develop routines, which i hate.

I need to invent a new way, avoiding routine.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

The Children Home

Good Morning peeps. When i was really little i remember going to a garden party at the Childrens Home (add to your FB friends list) at the foot of the street where we lived. I dont remember if it was a fundraiser or just a fun party. In either case it is forever etched in my mind.

I also remember walking by the home, the fence was really high and covered in vines, i would look through the fence admiring the beautiful grounds and wondering how the chrildren who lived there ended up there.

I have some cousins that actually lived there and long after we had grown up one of them told me that her parents had gone off to England and had temporarily left them there until they got settled.

I remember the lady that ran the place name was Nurse, haha thats what we called her, i dont think that was her name.

Why am i reminiscing. Well this past couple of weeks i received a notice that the home was having their annual fundraiser, 2k walk and 5k run. The ad is posted on my timeline.

Of course i cant go to the fundraiser although i would have loved to. Instead i decided ill try and raise $500 by Christmas for the home and I need your help. No you wont have to send me any money, all you will have to do is purchase a book on Amazon. Amazon send me some money and ill get it to the home.

One of the nice things is that you can support a local SKN author in the process, a win win.

Its that easy.

Ill will give more details over the next sort while.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today


Good Morning peeps. Yesterday i watched two Hawks in the sky not too far from my house doing their thing as i sat in my easy chair gazing out the window. How is that for flowering it up, im practising.

I can only guess that their bellies were full and they were out enjoying what else life have to offer.

They were poetry in motion, graceful, they must have been experiencing euphoria. I was thinking that it has been a long time since ive had a real passion for life. The kind you experience….never mind.

I am relatively happy and most of my needs are being met, but that uuumph is missing since my early days on the football field or swimming in the ocean, perhaps its a child thing. Kids have all the fun.

I should learn to fly, hmmmm, hahaha, no not like that.

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today

If you going to be a cab in Vegas

Good Morning peeps. Friday night on the way to the hotel in Vegas, the taxi driver was trying to convince us that it was a cool evening, temperature 96F. It was hot but i  guess everything is relative.

We are here for a health and wellness conference. On Saturday we took a cab to a ‘discount’ shopping mall. I hate shopping, to be honest I dont think Jo likes it either. On our way out of the mall after walking around for an hour and a half, i had to remind her why we paid a cab to take us there. We were about to walk out empty handed.

Jo went back and bought some sunny dresses which i thought was a little odd until she announced they were for ‘the Anguilla trip’, news to me, but oh well.

On the way to the mall we had a nice Cuban taxi driver, who took us along the scenic strip. On the way back the driver went on the highway, i pointed out to him that we had taken the scenic route on the way there and he did not seem too impressed. He said it was faster by $3, but it was the start of a new adventure, never a dull moment in my life.

Before we went to the mall, a lady told us that she had gone to Walgreen to buy water. After the taxi dropped us off and as we were entering the hotel we asked the door person to direct us to  the Walgreen. She told us to go through the Casino, turn left past the conservatory, pass the convention center, then go over the City Center bridge and on the south side of the road. Too much information but off we went.

We did a few left and rights through slot machines and a bunch long faces, i dont quite get the attraction to betting, anyway, we came to a box office where we stopped and purchased some tickets for Cirque du Soleil. We also got a map and some new directions to Walgreen.

As we passed the front desk, we noticed that the background had transformed from a fish tank to a garden. Explains the name Mirage I guess.

We had arrived at the hotel at night and had not seen some of the attractions like the beautiful birds on display.

When we got up that morning we had done some swimming but as we passed by the pool on our way to Walgreen we realized how much we had missed, it seemed so different.

Are you getting the picture? Its almost like we were in a new place from the night before.

I know its getting long but bare with me.

We got to the Walgreen which seemed like miles away from the hotel. As we were leaving the store we asked the cashier for direction back to the Mirage hotel. She said go south for about a mile and its on the east side. How was that possible?

We started walking to the hotel in 106F temperature  and i was totally confused so i began to reflect. Taxi dropped us off, we walked through the casino, purchased tickets then walked for another 10 minutes in the wrong direction, but. How on earth could we be 1 mile from the hotel. I asked Jo for the map that the lady in the box office had given us, sure enough the taxi driver had dropped us at the wrong hotel.

Do you think it was on purpose?

As always

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

PS. the taxi trip to the hotel as $22.50, back to the airport $14.50, oh well. Vegas is nice but they need some smoking bylaws, probably wont be back as a result.