What kind of woman do you like to date?

Good Morning peeps. When i get tired of sitting at work i sometimes go for a walk. Depending on how much time i have my walk would vary accordingly. I dont have specific hours for work, i show up early and leave early and walk when i get the urge, i generally stay at work for 9 to 9.5 hours but who is counting.

A week ago Thursday, I decided a 30 minutes visit to Calgary Devonian gardens (Calgary best public space) was in order. It was around lunch time so i thought maybe i would go there, sit and look at people go back and forth. I love observing people, especially people who don’t want to be observed. I bet I get my picture taken lots of time, as everyone take pictures there.

I often wonder if most people have the same experiences as i do or you have to be looking for them like i do. haha.

Once i got fairly deep in the garden, I sat on a wall away from everyone which gives me a wide vision of the folks around me. After about 10 minutes of just relaxing, a couple came and sat 2 or 3 feet away from me, quite within ear shot.

Yes i like to eavesdrop also but not in a gossipy way though. I am a curious person. The conversation was friendly enough, so i ignore them, Then:

She: ‘what are you looking for in woman?’ Bingo.

He:’well let me think….. she must be smart……’

He went in to describe this person i would have to consider for myself if she was available. I love my wife but..

Haha kidding. I have to say that, she reads my blog.

I was not sure what he was thinking. If he was looking for a date, it was not going to happen. In my young days I would have answered that question with three words.

‘someone like you’ and put on my million dollar smile. Love my odds better.

Anyway they continued to chat for a while, i thought he was too aggresive got bored and left. He ain getting any was my last impression.

As i walked away i took a look back to get a look at them. She was no beauty but he was the beast. In life though there is someone for everyone.

Yesterday i went back to the same spot and guess what, yes a couple sat down next to me. I had to look, same woman different guy. Hmmmm, same question, this guy was a little shy, would not want to be in his fantasy.

If you are West Indian you probably remember a calypso where a couple was in a hotel room and as the busboy was walking by he heard them talking, they were debating who should be on top. He got so curious he looked through the key hole and witness them trying to close a suitcase by sitting on it. Sometimes things are not what they first appear to be.

Like the busboy i got curious and scooted over a little closer. I sat there for 20 minutes listening. Very intense conversation.

At the end she said to him, Ill add your profile to our database and see what match comes up. Good one, a dating service.

The gardens is also used for weddings, maybe she does both. If i ever see her alone ill be having a friendly conversation with her.

As always

Don’t forget to greet a total stranger today.

How I shot myself in the right foot again. Amazing

Good Morning peeps. This past week has been a very expensive week for us, all because i was not able to think quickly on my feet. This new chain of events started a week Wednesday when i went to the parking lot to pickup my car after work. Jo went out with some friends to a wine tasting party, the plan was for me to go home to care for Panda, the pooch, ill then get Jo later at the train station, easy peasy, so good so far.

When I tried to exit the parking lot the auto door was jammed. I huffed and puffed then started to back the car back into the parking space. As i was in the process out of the corner of my eye I saw this lady walking toward me. By the time i turned the car off, texted Jo about my dilemma, the lady had turned around and walked back to the exit door.

The parking space belong to a friend who lives in the building, we rent it from her for a fraction of the cost of parking downtown Calgary where rates are in excess of $400 monthly. Yes for a parking space. What we did not know is that being a tenant does not entitle you to a spot, one has to go and request a stop for a fee which is what she did and sub-let it to us.

I needed to know the situation so i approached the lady in the parking lot. Now im a friendly kinda guy and nosy also, I had had a pretty busy day, i didn’t recall having greeted a total stranger that day so this was a great opportunity to fix that. The conversation went like this.

Me, ‘good afternoon, how are you?’

Her, ‘its a brand new door, you expect it should work.’ She seemed a little stressed.

Now at this point i should have clued in that she was the superintendent and walked away as i didn’t really belong there. Remember how i came by the space? Anyway my nurturing instincts kicked in. As i said she seemed awfully stressed. I had to get her to relax and show her that i was not upset with her.

Me. ‘I sure they will be here soon. How is your day going?’ hmmm it just came out.

Her: ‘ forget the damn day, these idiots should have been here already, we paid a lot for the door, its brand new. If you have to know, i’ve been having a bad two months’.

Ok that was my clue, run Tony run. My feet weren’t moving though.

I should have run at this point, but i had to soothe her to nurture her, to help her relieve her stress, i think she just need a hug. Haha bad thought.

Me: ‘I would think they should be here soon…..’

She started to walk away. This one got away, i was unable to help her, now I have to go find a new stranger to greet.

She was about ten feet away when she turned and asked.

She: ‘by the way, what is your stall number?’

It was at that time i realized that i was in deep dodo. No good deeds go unpunished. What does that mean anyway. I could have lied and given her a wrong number but she had already seen me park so i just told her and left.

I decided to go back to work and wait it out.

That was Wednesday, on Thursday we were told the parking rate was going up by $30, no biggie, still a bargain. Pheww dodged the bullet or so we thought. On Saturday we were out and our friend left a message to call her back. Jo called her, all i could hear was, ‘no, oh no, no way, what a big mouth, he just can’t help himself’.

Didn’t clue in, there is no way she could have been talking about me.

When she got off the phone she came right at me.

Jo:’you just dont know how to keep your mouth shut, you had to go and talk to the superintendent, now we have to give up the parking spot’.

I tried to make up a good story but there was nothing really to say.

I began to play the scene back my mind, how was i suppose to know it would be a problem? How did the super figure it out? Did i mention that the lady who was assigned to the lot is Asian?

So now we have two choices, take the train like most people or find a new spot. Thats the expensive part. Choices, choices, opportunity to meet new people i guess. This past week we took the train 2 days and drove 3 days, new challenges ahead. Im confused.

As usual,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

My Annual Physical Checkup

Good Morning peeps. On Friday i took some time off work and went for my scheduled annual medical checkup, recommend it for everyone. Before i tell you about my experience, a piece of advise. When you are in a doctors waiting room you may want to turn off your FB if you have friends that make you laugh. People are there because they are ill, they wont understand why you are happy. I got some cat eyes.

Things are different today than in my young days when you go for a checkup. Back then the doctor would enter the exam room have a quick chat then instruct you to undress as he or she left the room to give you some privacy. In between you may have been asked to step on the weight scale or measured to see how you are doing compared to the last time, while the doctor take notes.

Today its not like that. Its all about saving money. I could have prepared before the doctor came in since i know the drill but it ws cold in the room so i waited for him to show up. As expected, he appeared 10 mins after i had been taken to the exam room. I was his first appointment. He poke his head in the room and said, ‘if you are here for a check up, please get undress, ill be back in a minute’. Im guessing in part to save steps, money saver. I did, hoping he meant what he said, the room was cold.

When he came back, unlike the old days he had no charts or folder with my history, I believe its all online today to save money. I recall last year he actually showed up with his laptop which was having some issues, probably slows him down. I am not complaining, simply adjusting to the new reality of medical care. Here is the thing, last year after i did my tests I waited anxiously for two weeks for a call back. Finally i had to call to find out the results only to be told I would only get a call back if there were problems. I guess its about saving money.

As usual he took my blood pressure, then did it again, looked a little surprised at the result, then asked me if i was on medication. I figured he would know that but maybe his computer is broken so i replied no. He did not respond, i made a mental note to ask him about it at the end. He poked at my chest, poked and prodded what seems like an extra few times, then again asked me about my medication. I must confess I was getting a little worried. He then asked me to turm on my side and lower my shorts, haha you know where he is heading, this time i did not flinch, i knew what was coming. He asked me to stand up, my shorts still lowered and he went you know where, yes. Remember last week i commented about my shrinking body? Enough said.

When i first came to Calgary i had a female doctor with a sense of humor, i found a new doctor, this guy was dead serious, i like that. He then asked me again, if i was on medication, now im really worried.

Before i answered i decided to ask him why he keep asking me that. He said for my age, he had never seen such a low blood pressure without medication, asked me if i was on a diet, so i told him about my new healthy life sytyle.

If you want to know the secret to my healthy lifestyle Click Here..

In case you are wondering about my blood pressure, it is 120/80. Jo says its like having 20/20 vision or 80/20 hindsight.

As always,

Don’t forget to greet a total stranger today.

They called him Ironman, I called him Skinny Arse.

Good Morning peeps. What a time im going through, you may remember at Christmas I hurt my back and was unable to exercise so i took a break, 3 months in fact.

It is hard to do anything physical without having a goal, so when i decided to start running the treadmill again i needed a goal. In high school i did steeplechase races, i recall the trail was 3 miles and i could cover the distance in just over 15 minutes. If you are wondering I would always finish in second place. Skinny Arse continually finished ahead of me. He was tall and skinny but its all relative I weighed 90lbs. You see where im going with this right.

GOAL: To finish ahead of Skinny Arse.

I devised a diabolical plan.The first day on the treadmill i did 1 mile in 15 minutes, the second 13 minutes, by the 5th day i was down to 11 minutes. Here is what I was thinking. If i could bring it down to under 10 minutes, and factor in my age,  i would have an imaginary race and beat the crap out of him. My logic may be twisted but I hate losing.

The 7th day was the big day. We lined up at the start, all in my head of course. The gun went off, GO, the race was on. I was imagined the crowds cheering as I pound the treadmill. Glorious feeling. I was feeling confident. As i was about to breeze by him, i did a dumb thing, i decided to put an imagine of Skinny Arse in my mind. I closed my eye to totally take in the feeling.

Have you ever closed your eyes on a moving treadmill? DON’T.

The race will have to wait until my back stop hurting.

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.