Does money grow on trees?

Good Morning peeps. “In the summer time when the weather is fine you can reach right up and touch the sky….” I love that song.

Im aware that its not summer as yet, but what a great day we had yesterday, spent a lot of it lazing around day dreaming.

When your mind is idle, you have thoughts and ideas just lead to more thoughts and ideas, pretty soon you may have a good one or can be completely lost.

On a nice lazy sunny day, your mind can take you places that you dont really want to go.

After the next paycheck then what? (you have to read yesterday post).

Ever wonder where the money you get paid with comes from?

The company you work for either provide a service or sell stuff or maybe it you work for the government, hmmmn never mind ill be respectful. They always have their hand in your pocket.

Anyway your employer pay you maybe every couple of weeks.

The person that started the business may have gotten lucky and inherited the Seed money or in the cement shoe business, but chances are they went to the bank and borrowed it. So now they owe the bank money.

They say money does not grow on trees yet they call start up money Seed money. Makes you pause to wonder.

The company pay you whether you do a good job or not and in turn you do the same and pay a whole bunch of companies for goods and services that you consume,  like mortgage, car payments, utilities etc. Whether or not they provided good products or services.

Remember how it started? Those companies that you paid also started the same way, bank loans, Seed money.

Oh i forgot, the government. When you get paid they take their share first. They also owe the bank, not to start up but to continue, they spend more than they take from your pocket.

Ever notice when a government or company start a project they always break ground or plant trees. I wonder when all the fuss is over and everyone left someone goes back and plant seeds.

Just as an aside. When the government owe the bank guess who is on the hook?

Where am I, lets see, money goes from one hand to another, businesses always start from seed, the government take a portion, plant trees, but eventually the money always end up in the bank.

Oh yea, the bank then takes the money that we paid them and lend it back to us so we can buy something from a company that then gives it back to the bank so they can lend you again. Vicious cycle and diabolical

I like the part where although its the bank money they pretend its yours and charge you convenience fees to use it.

Are you following me? What a web we weave and it all may have started with a little Seed money.

After being in the sun for a while it dawned on me, what happens if you no longer wanted to play the game, you know, opt out, is that an option?

Life can be so complicated when you let your mind wonder even on lovely sunny day.

The song continues….. “when the weather is fine you got women, you got women on your mind”. I can only wish.

As  always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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