A Fox in the Hen House.

Good Morning peeps. My son texted me on Friday night and told me he was in a soccer tournament and if i wanted to i could come to the soccer field and watch. Thats a switch, he had always discouraged me from going to watch him play. Then i figured out he was not playing, he was coaching, good trick eh, his girls team is tops and probably just wanted to show off. I said we would love to go.

I never invited my parents to one of my soccer games even when my team was the best on the island. My dad thought playing was a waste of good time, working made me a man.

How things have changed. I grew up with the threat of a strap and a continuous reminder that the work ethic was important. My kids grew up with a balance of sports and school. You do well at one it feeds the other. I even sent my older son to a school where soccer was part of the curriculum. That was a mistake, the experiment didnt last too long, he soon forgot why he was there. As a result he spent an extra half year in HS finishing. He probably kill me for saying that, oh well he has a degree now.

The most important lesson my upbringing taught me is that the strap is not a requirement for raising good kids, i have never struck my kids and they were handfulls, probably more of a broogadoom than i ever was.

Anyway im drifting, my son and soccer yesterday.

Before i go there i must tell you another story. In my hayday as a teenager I had accidentally developed a reputation of being a player. It wasnt me. Remember that song? I recall one sunny afternoon walking down Central Street, in the distance i saw a certain female i liked with her mom walking toward me. I started immediately to practise my gentleman greeting. As it turned out i didnt need it, when her mom saw me approaching she grabbed her daughters hand and crossed the street.

The next day i asked my friend what that was about to which she replied, ‘my mom knows all about your reputation’. I was crushed, as i said, it wasnt me.

Back on track, there are six fields in the soccer complex and Jo and I walked around looking for a teenage girls game with male coach. There was none, maybe we got the time wrong. We decided to make one last go around then in the distance we saw number one son waving at us. He was not coaching, he was playing on a co-ed team. The dude was playing with girls. I am thinking what a trickster, the Fox in the Hen House.

Before you get any ideas, i must explain, i grew up in a society where there were segregation between boys and girls. The mistrust and labelling premuated the entire society. I was labelled even before i knew what it meant to be a player. My kids were brought up differently. They were encouraged to have both male and female friends. OK not my daughters entirely.

At the end of the game there were hugs and high fives then they all drifted off to the change rooms, hmmm i wonder if those are co-ed and look no parents, go figure, imagine the possibilities.

Life is completely different today, wish I was his age, hahahaaha. Kidding.

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

Another daughter of the soil, my pal Mosi

Easter in the Village

Good Morning peeps. Its Easter time and I’m feeling a little lost. Yesterday, Good Friday, Jo went to work so I stayed in bed most of the morning; I didn’t feel like doing a thing. Our bedroom faces south; I opened the drapes and just enjoyed the sun, simple pleasures. I finally decided that I could not continue the good living so I got up around 11. I was then faced with a bit of a dilemma, should I drink my breakfast or should I go to the restaurant and pig out. I wished I had some mangoes and custard apples it would have made my decision a lot easier.

As I sat around drinking my delicious protein drink mixed with frozen fruits and berries, yes I decided to stay home, although it not say it was my first choice, I felt a little disappointed for not choosing to go pig out, my mind began to wonder back to Trafalgar Village and my early days.

My mom was extremely religious; my dad was a broogadoom, read it how you like. I grew up half like my mom and the other half, well never mind, I won’t explain. Easter was about church, my mom, special foods and kites, lots of opportunities to show my many sides, im a Gemini.

Always on Good Friday, we would go to church. I have lots of siblings, 12 to be exact, but the last 5 of the kids are very close in age, so we would all go to church together, marching up the road like ducklings trailing behind my mom, of course me in the rear, looking for a chance to escape. I liked church mind you, just preferred to be elsewhere. In my pass musings I wrote about how i ‘saved’ money for the movies from the money my mom gave me to place in the offering plate, i won’t repeat how I did it. In hindsight I could have been a magician; tricking my mom into thinking I placed the offering in the plate. Yes my dad was a broogadoom, ill blame him. No I’m not a heathen.

Over the Easter weekend there was always lots of food, I love fish head, we had corn and okra, conkies, I believe i spelt it correctly, hmmmmm oh and my favourite cassava bread with coconut filling. Peeps, I could put a whole fish head in my mouth and spit out bones. Today I can only do it when my kids are not around, my act grosses them out. As I sat there drinking my breakfast, I was wishing I could be elsewhere, I would so love a nice ripe juicy mango. I could almost feel the juices running down my chin. My goodness.

I remember it was the Saturday after Good Friday many moons ago, my mom cooked some Cavalli Fish and some other types for dinner, I love fish, my portion and everybody else’s. That day my mom saved the Cavalli for the next day, you know me, why save for the next day when you can have it today. In the middle of the night I snuck into the kitchen and feasted on the fish. That was a bad decision, the fish was poison. No one need to ask who stole the fish, yes it was bad. Never stole fish since, I stuck to stealing Christmas cake.

Well here i am, have not been to jail for being a broogadoom either, although I did get some good whoopings for just being me.

Easter weekend kite flying, wow my favourite passtime. A couple weeks ago this lady came to work wearing colours that remind me of kites. I found myself steering at her, she caught me looking so I had to explain I was not stalking her.

We lived on the west side of the city, the wind blows from east to west, so if you live east of our village and your kite was well constructed it would fly far west. In those days, the string attached to the kites where in high demand. Well as fate would have it, the kites would separate from their owners, haha we called it kites ‘buss’, and drift to the west. Did I mention where we lived, yes it was a great time to harvest the string. You had to be quick though, the owner would follow the path of the kites drifting away screaming ‘kite buss, kite buss’, quite comical, of course that would attract a lot of harvesters, often times fights would break out.

Licks, maybe I took after my dad mostly.

Easter was such a happy time.

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.

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My Annual Physical Checkup

Good Morning peeps. On Friday i took some time off work and went for my scheduled annual medical checkup, recommend it for everyone. Before i tell you about my experience, a piece of advise. When you are in a doctors waiting room you may want to turn off your FB if you have friends that make you laugh. People are there because they are ill, they wont understand why you are happy. I got some cat eyes.

Things are different today than in my young days when you go for a checkup. Back then the doctor would enter the exam room have a quick chat then instruct you to undress as he or she left the room to give you some privacy. In between you may have been asked to step on the weight scale or measured to see how you are doing compared to the last time, while the doctor take notes.

Today its not like that. Its all about saving money. I could have prepared before the doctor came in since i know the drill but it ws cold in the room so i waited for him to show up. As expected, he appeared 10 mins after i had been taken to the exam room. I was his first appointment. He poke his head in the room and said, ‘if you are here for a check up, please get undress, ill be back in a minute’. Im guessing in part to save steps, money saver. I did, hoping he meant what he said, the room was cold.

When he came back, unlike the old days he had no charts or folder with my history, I believe its all online today to save money. I recall last year he actually showed up with his laptop which was having some issues, probably slows him down. I am not complaining, simply adjusting to the new reality of medical care. Here is the thing, last year after i did my tests I waited anxiously for two weeks for a call back. Finally i had to call to find out the results only to be told I would only get a call back if there were problems. I guess its about saving money.

As usual he took my blood pressure, then did it again, looked a little surprised at the result, then asked me if i was on medication. I figured he would know that but maybe his computer is broken so i replied no. He did not respond, i made a mental note to ask him about it at the end. He poked at my chest, poked and prodded what seems like an extra few times, then again asked me about my medication. I must confess I was getting a little worried. He then asked me to turm on my side and lower my shorts, haha you know where he is heading, this time i did not flinch, i knew what was coming. He asked me to stand up, my shorts still lowered and he went you know where, yes. Remember last week i commented about my shrinking body? Enough said.

When i first came to Calgary i had a female doctor with a sense of humor, i found a new doctor, this guy was dead serious, i like that. He then asked me again, if i was on medication, now im really worried.

Before i answered i decided to ask him why he keep asking me that. He said for my age, he had never seen such a low blood pressure without medication, asked me if i was on a diet, so i told him about my new healthy life sytyle.

If you want to know the secret to my healthy lifestyle Click Here..

In case you are wondering about my blood pressure, it is 120/80. Jo says its like having 20/20 vision or 80/20 hindsight.

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They called him Ironman, I called him Skinny Arse.

Good Morning peeps. What a time im going through, you may remember at Christmas I hurt my back and was unable to exercise so i took a break, 3 months in fact.

It is hard to do anything physical without having a goal, so when i decided to start running the treadmill again i needed a goal. In high school i did steeplechase races, i recall the trail was 3 miles and i could cover the distance in just over 15 minutes. If you are wondering I would always finish in second place. Skinny Arse continually finished ahead of me. He was tall and skinny but its all relative I weighed 90lbs. You see where im going with this right.

GOAL: To finish ahead of Skinny Arse.

I devised a diabolical plan.The first day on the treadmill i did 1 mile in 15 minutes, the second 13 minutes, by the 5th day i was down to 11 minutes. Here is what I was thinking. If i could bring it down to under 10 minutes, and factor in my age,  i would have an imaginary race and beat the crap out of him. My logic may be twisted but I hate losing.

The 7th day was the big day. We lined up at the start, all in my head of course. The gun went off, GO, the race was on. I was imagined the crowds cheering as I pound the treadmill. Glorious feeling. I was feeling confident. As i was about to breeze by him, i did a dumb thing, i decided to put an imagine of Skinny Arse in my mind. I closed my eye to totally take in the feeling.

Have you ever closed your eyes on a moving treadmill? DON’T.

The race will have to wait until my back stop hurting.

As always,

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I did it, then I stopped and now im doing it again, only differently.

Good Morning peeps. I have been blogging for a few years now, I started when I was at home not working and decided id change my career and become a writer, I had written business documents for years, how hard could it be. At first my writing was awful but I slowly improved.

After about 14 months a job ad showed up in my email inbox. I had subscribed to this placement agency job board. This job I could not ignore like i had done with the previous ones. Its like the gods were about to intervene, probadly thought I was not good at this writing thing. The ad was written for me, so I applied. I was totally amazed when i recieved an auto response saying that i was the 15th applicant and the chances were not looking good. I thought there was no way they could find another breathing soul in Calgary that would out duel me for that position.

I picked up the phone and called the lady at the head hunting company. I asked her to look at my resume and the job description and call the company to set up an appointment. I told her it would be the easiest money she ever made, then hung up the phone. Well, she called me back within the hour with an appointment and the rest is history.

So i had to give up my dream. Well not quite, i started the ‘Good Morning peeps’ snippits on FB about my adventures in Calgary to keep myself in the game and have been doing it now for over a year.

It has been hard to get the ‘blog’ going again, hope now ive started i can avoid being here, there and everywhere.

As always,

Dont forget to greet a total stranger today.