It is eavesdropping if they walk by you while you minding your business?

Today I went to the river, a favorite lunchtime passtime here in Calgary. I found a nice place to sit where I can observe people walk by enjoying the sun. Its interesting what people talk about as you walk by, although you mostly only hear a small bit of the conversation, one to two seconds maybe. If you are nosy you can walk behind them to hear the rest, don’t recommend it. But I’m not nosy, I just sit there and catch what I can and make up the rest, its like a puzzle. I thought of turning on my phone recorder to catch the noise snippets, but that would be like evesdropping, so I didn’t.

Anyway I like looking at people, I don’t think two of us look the same, its amazing; great designer. Here are some samples of the 1 to 2 seconds conversations I was able to pick up, keep in mind no one stopped to finish the conversation they were just going by, the ‘…..’ means I became aware of an ongoing conversation, no context whatsoever.


Girl 1: …just going to let it happen

Girl 2: see something better?

Girl1: yea, he won’t know what hit him……


Girl 1: ….like it was right there, really huge, wow

Girl 2: no way how close really (giggling)……

G1. ….so where you say?

G2. Right on the beach in front of everyone (looking angry)……


Boy1…what did you say?

Boy2. F***k off a*****e

Boy1. To your boss?

Boy2. No man Jim ………


Boy1…how big was the spill?

Boy2….(just looked at me and said nothing)…….


Boy1…man did you see that?

Boy2. Yes she was hot

(I missed it, but there was a duck close by)

So there, just some random conversations by some random people only god knows what they were talking about.